Here at inVoke Marketing we’re a full-service creative marketing agency based in the heart of Norwich. In addition to our flair for design and communications, we specialise in Digital Signage and interactive Ad-Screens; offering a complete-service approach to the innovative world of dynamic moving-image
Whether you’re searching for breath-taking design for print or collateral, a shiny-new website to inspire your brand or just a kick-start to your very own social engagement campaign; we do all-we-can to fully understand your business needs – strengthening your brand values across a world of digital platforms.
As specialists in Digital Signage and Ad-Screen technology, we offer a unique way to capture the attention of your customers. With an ability to display real-time changes in content, schedule moving-image throughout the day or create engagement with our interactive touch-screens; your brand really can only be limited by imagination.


Digital Signage is the use of screens to broadcast advertising or multimedia content in an attention-getting way that traditional posters and noticeboards never could. This technology is growing because no other media makes it possible to deliver dynamic content in the right location at the right times for maximum impact.
What you show is really only limited by what you can imagine and create. Compared to traditional printed signage, Digital Signage enables you to reach audiences more effectively in real time with the ability to update content on the fly even from an off-site location.


Digital Signage is the best choice for reaching large audiences. It’s better than traditional printed posters and bulletin boards because:

  • Digital Signage is a unique and creative way to attract attention.
  • The ability to update content instantly or schedule advertising through the day
  • A Digital Display that uses a combination of high quality images and videos can have a powerful influence on buying decisions.
  • It is the perfect mechanism to project the right image to visitors, clients and employees.