5 Fixes For Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing in Windows 10

So, you were planning to watch the latest season of Lucifer with your friends on your laptop, therefore, you want to control the audio coming out of your speakers.

But a problem named “Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing” comes up in order to ruin your experience. Do not panic as in this article, we are going to fix the Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing in Windows 10. Once again: do NOT download anything from Download Link below!

Don’t worry when it says install before trying these changes… There is another solution that will ensure if there is any connection issue during installing for both users and PC running an Intel Core i7-4930K or AMD FX-8350 processor but here’s how I managed to bypass all issues related Live TV Streaming Service (LTSS) client software failure bug so far over at Microsoft Hardware Maintenance Center page.

What is the Realtek HD Audio Manager?

Realtek HD Audio Manager is one of the most vital features of your computer. When you want to control the audio coming out of your speaker then just launch the manager and control the connected speakers, earpiece, microphone, or woofers.

You can switch between the speakers, control base and exposure, enable or disable audio, and many more.

In order to launch the Realtek HD Audio Manager you need to follow the prescribed steps below:

Step 1: Launch the Run box by either searching it out of the start menu or by the Shortcut Key, Win + R.

This will launch a new window into which you can type (just don’t forget to press Enter after typing). Once open click on “File”. Browse for your Windows installation and locate Visual Studio 2015 RTM x64 in /Users/username/.msi. For me this is C:\Program Files\Microsoft\VisualStudio_RTMA14. If not find any files there then select them from the drop-down list at bottom left corner and save everything as an extract using 7zip if necessary. You may also want another archive tool such Adobe Aspect Import, but I’ve gotten most results with that one here.

Step 2: On the appeared box you need to copy&paste the following address and hit enter.

C:\Program Files\Realtek\Audio\HDA\

Fix For Realtek HD Audio Manager Missing

Even though Microsoft tends to update the Audio Driver automatically but sometimes you gotta do it manually. In this section, we are going to update the Realtek HD Audio Driver manually. To do that you need to follow the prescribed steps:-

Step 1: Launch the Device Manager by either searching it out of the start menu or by right-clicking on the start menu and then select “Device Manager” from the appeared list.

Step 2: Now, you need to navigate to the “Sound, Video, and game controller”, click on the drop-down menu, right-click on the Realtek HD Audio Manager, and then select “Update Driver” from the appeared list.
…and if all goes well, your audio driver should now be updated!

Step 3: From the appeared screen you can select any of the two available options but according to us you should select “Search Automatically for updated driver”. If done correctly it will send a notification that has been downloaded with your selected option so let’s get back on our way, we don’t want this annoying feature still running in Windows 10 and are going not to install anymore drivers?

Well yes indeed as long some time after release many devices have just missed update support from Microsoft because there is no simple procedure or even an official link which requires simply one click if all these steps seem too scary then definitely go ahead read through those links mentioned above before proceeding… However lets do see how easy things actually are now anyway!

“Start” -> Settings > General > USB Drivers (Windows / Mac

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