5 Best Free Driver Update Tools 2021

5 Best Free Driver Update Tools 2021

Drivers are one of the essential pieces of software on your computer. As the name suggests, a driver essentially helps every system component to interact with the Operating System.

To keep your computer fresh, up and running well, you must update drivers regularly. If you want to know quick and easy ways of installing drivers, here are the 10 best free driver update tools that will make your life easier.

Snappy Driver

Snappy Driver is entirely free software that makes updating drivers easier and faster. It can detect broken, missing, and outdated drivers and downloads the essential files needed for the updates and let users update accordingly.
This means not only you are more likely to upgrade when your device needs it (if a newer version of driver has been available) but also less chance of losing important patches later on!

Some of the other vital functions of this freeware are the ability to install drivers quickly online as well as offline, display the system information. Unlike other freeware out there that do not work with Windows XP, this one does, which is a good thing.

Snappy Driver, unlike other driver update software, offers unlimited downloads, which makes it one of the best free driver update tools on this list.

Driver Easy

Driver Easy is yet another powerful tool that can be used in both personal and commercial computers. It scans for issues in the drivers and automatically ‘fixes’ problems.

The application supports a wide variety of Windows OSes and also comes with useful features like downloading drivers without the use of browser, Displays hardware information while on boot and shows critical system resources when running applications normally.

There are no network restrictions or any other nasty rules enforced by Linux users to avoid it from interfering with their daily activities.
The most important thing about this software was its ability as well–it provides instant download through HTTPS (secure connection) which enables you fast access to programs installed via Wifi/BT tethering devices so they won’t interfere your service provider connections during times when using Internet Relay Chat services(IRC).

Finally we need to mention some things related specially to these types “hardware” components.

The UI of this software is pretty good, and we experienced no issues while using it whatsoever. Additionally, you can also buy the pro version in which Driver Easy creates automatic restore points to use if something goes wrong while updating and a lot more features.

Overall, this is our favorite best free driver update tool on this list.
If there’s anything that gets left out though, let us know about it! Leave your suggestions below or follow us here for regular updates when new versions are released 🙂


DriverIdentifier is more of a driver finder, which, after identifying the drivers in your device, provides you links of OEM websites using which you can download the drivers and manually update them. This feature does not work on all Android devices (such as Samsung Galaxy S III or LG Optimus G).

In addition to this there are two new features:Manually install custom recovery packages such like SuperSU into /system/appdata When selecting an image from google’s official site it’ll ask if they support some kind at least one package that installs only itself. If yes I get prompted for my choice when applying  Systemd, since we’ve already installed TWRP Recovery! As usual no data wipe needed here so just enjoy!

The reason why we included this driver is, apart from the manual update mechanism, DriverIdentifier still makes your life easier by displaying every driver that needs to be updated. Or else, you would need to go through each driver, search them on Google, find a source that you can trust, and download it, which is still a lot of work.
We also took note about some drivers being under-reported or incorrectly reported – so for example, there are many times when these systems get detected as unreliable 🙂

Since then we had tested all versions except 1 but noticed two unexpected occurrences: For v1 (which have been verified in our testing) – Drivers did not show up with “Ports Not Found”. We should check if those ports were actually installed properly like OpenLDAP itself does; however one time even openldap was crashing! So let’s add support! One thing at first cause us frustration because after several minutes additional users complained they weren’t able connect successfully…


DriverMax is a free driver updater that works well when compared to other apps on this list. One feature that we liked about this application is the automatic installation of drivers. Apart from that, you can also schedule the driver updates.

I hope one day Driver Max will be more powerful than it currently looks like and help improve stability for users out there by showing some interesting results in crash-prone situations. The app was tested with iOS 10 Beta 2 on an iPhone 5s running OS X El Capitan (10E200).

But, the driver downloads are limited to 2 per day, and you need to purchase the Pro version for $14 for two years. Some of the other key features are the ability of the tool to list all the drivers with and without issues, backing up your drivers to ensure the system can be restored if something goes wrong, and this makes it one of the best free driver update tools on this list.

Google Nexus 8: A fantastic value – If you’re looking at a high performance Android tablet that won’t break the bank there’s no better option than this deal from Amazon. The 32GB model starts at just $70 (pre-orders in Q3 2015). And even though 64 GB is available as an upgrade which should lower costs further down the line this particular device has been tested well enough recently so we like the addition most over time whether its unlocked or not. Plus unlike Samsung these don´t come out grey either when new! We have some concerns about how OEMs will try their hardest here but once they know what specs users.

Driver Talent

Driver Talent scans for outdated or missing drivers and installs them automatically. Apart from that, it also detects corrupt drivers and fixes them automatically. Some of the features that make Driver Talent stand out is, it detects and updates the drivers of printers and other USB peripherals that you’ve connected. You can even install custom fonts if needed!

You may be looking at this app as a solution to get rid off your computer’s frequent downtime while running Windows 8 or 10. To fix all these issues easily, we recommend downloading Drivers in action using one simple step:After installing driver version 9092590, download our latest firmware upgrade kit now Download more information »
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